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Graduate Application Instructions



I.  General Instructions


1.        The application form must be filled out by the applicant and returned to the Admissions Office at the campus the applicant intends to join.

2.        The applicant should submit the following:

a.      A certified photocopy of the identity card or passport (same as nationality to be used in registration).

b.      Two recent passport-size photographs.

c.      A non-refundable application fee of $100.

d.      Lebanese applicants must submit a recent Family Civil Status Record.

e.      A certified photocopy of all educational and professional certificates.

f.        An official transcript of grades sent directly from the college or university the applicant attended to the Admissions Office at AUST. The applicant may deliver a student copy of the transcript until the receipt of the official one.

g.      Recommendations from two professors or others who are familiar with the applicant’s academic performance should be sent directly to the Admissions Office. In case of work experience, recommendations from the two most recent employers should also be supplied.

These recommendations should be written on the recommendation form attached to this application.

N.B.: The documents requested under d, e, f, and g could be presented after submitting the application but within deadline set by the Admissions Office.

3.        Original official certificates are to be presented along with photocopies. Only certified photocopies of transcripts may be substituted for the originals.

4.        Transfer applicants must submit an official transcript and a catalogue from the college or university attended. Undeclared transcripts will not be accepted after enrollment.

5.        Applicants are requested to apply to one AUST campus only. However, transfer of applications from one campus to another is possible if the application is submitted within the deadline set by the campus the applicant wishes to transfer to and in accordance with the availability of places at that particular campus.

6.        Applications must be accompanied by all relevant documents.
Only complete applications will be acted upon.

7.        Decisions relative to admission will be made by the Graduate Committee in accordance with academic qualifications and available places.

8.        The decisions of the Graduate Committee will be mailed or faxed to all applicants residing outside Lebanon. The mailing address provided under item 6 of the Application Form will be used to communicate the decision to the applicant.

9.        Admission is valid for one calendar year only. If an applicant does not register in a certain semester, he/she should submit a “Reactive Application” for the following semester.


II.  English Entrance Examination


Applicants are required to be fluent in English as demonstrated by graduation from a college or university in which the language of instruction is English. Applicants who have attended a college or university where English is not the language of instruction must pass the English Entrance Exam (EEE) with a minimum score of 550, OR the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 575 (equivalent to 213 Computer Base).

Applicants qualified in other respects, but with an EEE score in the range of 500-549 (or its equivalent) will be required to take an undergraduate English course.


III.  Majors Available at AUST (Graduate Level Entry)


A. Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Masters Programs:

·    MS in Computer Science

·    MS in Information and Communications Technology

B. Faculty of Business & Economics

Masters Programs:

·    MBA in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Hospitality Management, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing.

·    Executive MBA.

C. Faculty of Engineering

Masters Programs:

·    MS in Computer & Communications Engineering.

·    Prospective MS in Biomedical Engineering.

·    Prospective MS in Mechatronics.

D. Faculty of Health Sciences

Masters Programs:

- MS Biotechnology in:

·    DNA Technology.

·    Forensic Science.

·    Bioanalytical Toxicology.

·    Prospective MS in Optics and Optometry.

·    Prospective MS in Radiologic Science.


For more information or inquiries, please contact AUST Admissions Office at:



ZAHLE Campus

SAIDA Campus

Tel.: 01 / 218 716

Tel.: 08 / 930 894


07 / 754 777

07 / 754 888

E-mail: info@aust.edu.lb


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